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Step Back: Bagny didn't become the champion of Moto2 in Australia, Oliver it was lost, Pasini off side

The reasons for which Mattia Pasini can't find to himself work for 2019, on a surface: the Italian has finished another race in gravel. In general it has badly developed the Grand Prix of Australia for favourites of a weekend - the victory was celebrated by others.

of МОТОГОНКИ.РУ, on October 29, 2018 - On Thursday, before start of the 17th stage MotoGP all in the press center of Phillip Island Circuit only that were also engaged that counted Francesco Bagnai's chances from Sky Racing Team VR46 of an early victory in the Moto2 championship.

K decisive as then it seemed, the Italian has suited a weekend with a solid separation from Miguel Olivera - in 37 points. Generally, he needed a victory and 50 points of a separation by the Sunday evening. Considering circumstances, it was possible to arrange easily. But it hasn't occurred: Bagny it has appeared on the 16th position in qualification, on start I have jerked forward, I was fixed in TOP-6, but then it was rolled away back and long time I fought at least for entering TOP-10. Race result - the 12th place and 4 points.

However it suited completely the Italian from Sky Racing Team VR46 as in a race he entirely was guided only by one person - Olivera.

Olivera and Binder have won the Grand Prix of Australia of 2017 in a debut season of KTM Factory Racing in Moto2 so all waited for repetition of triumph and this time. Instead, the Portuguese has fallen into even worst state, than his rival! Miguel has begun a race the 20th, and has finished only one position above the competitor - the 11th: Miguel has lost a lot of time to get out of "garnish" - on the first circle of factory KTM went the 14th, and then has got stuck over head and ears.

It seems that Olivera, having received the "happy ticket" in MotoGP, has relaxed. And only it is also necessary to Bagnaye!

"A weekend really left very difficult: we have begun him not bad on Friday, but since FP3 everything has gone not so, - I have told after Bagnaja's finish, - Perhaps, weather, and can and the difference of temperatures has so affected, but we had no derzhak at all. I couldn't gather and go in any way as I have got used. To a race the situation didn't manage to be changed, and then we have made the decision - not to risk. We quietly go to Malaysia, to one of my favourite routes in the calendar with the unique purpose - to take a title there".

of Francesco Bagnaja will become the champion of Moto2 in the Sepang, on the next Sunday: after Australia Olivera's backlog was reduced only up to 36 points - and to the Italian to keep a distance in 25 enough, that is just to control the Portuguese as he did it on Phillip Island.

As for Pasini, the veteran of Moto2 has taken off already on the first circle, heading пелетон. It I was not absolutely banal лоусайд in the 4th turn. At first, Pasini has missed front-end, has moved, and has right there missed a back wheel which "has overtaken forward", but the motorcycle already was on one side...

the Victory on Phillip Island was won by Olivera's workmate in the factory KTM Factory Racing team - Brad Binder, and Zhoan Mir and Chavi Viyekh have ascended to the podium. Binder and Mir's fight for a victory on the last circle was the intense, not deprived sharpness



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