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Statement of Racing Point for purchase of Force India F1 Team

After in FIA have granted the license to the Racing Point Force India team on participation in the championship, her press service has distributed the statement on behalf of new owners and the managements which are formally confirming these changes.

During this week-end owing to acquisition of the Force India team by the Racing Point UK Limited company, in Gran Pri of Belgium debuts Racing Point Force India. On August 16 the formalities connected with transition of team to new owners when the consortium of investors headed by Lawrence Stroll guaranteed her the future have been complete.

These investors are the Canadian businessman André Desmare, Johnathan Dadmen from the company Monaco Sports and Management, John Aydol representing the fashion-industry, John Makkou Jr., the investor working in the sphere of telecommunications, the financial expert Michel de Pitchtchiotto, the businessman Lawrence Stroll and his business partner Chau's Sayles.

In Racing Point UK Ltd appointed Otmar Safnauer the head of team, and he has already entered a new position. He worked in Force India since 2010 as the operating officer and has played a key role in progress of team.

the Deputy head of team Robert Fernli leaves the position. For the rest the management will remain without changes. Until the end of a season of 2018 the team will participate in races as Racing Point Force India, and her cars will be painted in pink, white and blue colors.

Lawrence Stroll: "On Monday I addressed the staff of base of team working in Silverstone and Brekli and applauded success achieved by her in recent years. Force of any company - in people who make her and is the true privilege - to begin the new project with such talented collective.

to Me happened to create and develop not one successful enterprise, but an opportunity to output the command for new level is probably the most interesting call during all the time. Together with other shareholders we invest means that she has received new resources and a new boost that will allow her to act at the highest level.

We everything passionately love motorsport and we feel the real racing spirit in Force India, we have a fighting spirit, and we want that in the future the special character of team was shown even stronger".

Otmar Safnauer, head and executive director of team: "After a summer break we prepare to coming Gran Pri to Belgium, and I want to thank all employees for loyalty during a transition period.

Now at team new owners, her future is provided, and we can focus on the work, on preparation for a race. We kept strong team of managers and this stability is very important as we begin a new era.

Ya I want to thank Bob Fernli for a contribution to progress of this team for last ten years and to express признательнотсь to the previous shareholders for support thanks to which Force India became such what we know her today".



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