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State of emergency with "Union" won't lower trust from astronauts and tourists, the expert considers

The manufacturing defect at production of "the Union of MS-09" won't strongly affect desire of space tourists and astronauts of other countries to fly by the Russian ships, but only if investigation of the reasons is open and reliable, the research supervisor of Institute of space policy Ivan Moiseyev considers. Now the piloted flights in space on a regular basis only Russia and China can carry out

. The USA is developed at once by several piloted ships, but their test flights are as follows only to year. Thus, deliver only Russian "Unions" to the International Space Station of the Russian astronauts and astronauts of other countries. The Russian ships are also used for flights of space tourists and short-term flights of citizens of the third countries. For example, in April, 2018 short-term flight to the ISS of the citizen of the UAE is planned. The possibility of long space flight of the Emirates astronaut and short-term flight of the citizen of Bahrain is discussed.

"I don't think what will strongly affect (trust to flights on "Unions" from tourists and foreign astronauts - an edition) if don't speak about saboteurs and terrible danger. It is necessary just to explain that there was a marriage. If Roskosmos gives objective information, then this situation won't affect in any way. And when give false information, the trust, apparently, is lost that from you something is hidden", - Moiseyev has expressed the opinion. Also it considers by

logical a step on check on existence of marriage of all "Unions" which prepare for flight.

"Is a usual thing. As soon as there is a malfunction of such level, all products are checked. It is clear, that all this some accident, but works the bureaucratic mechanism and time is such phenomenon, means there is a check of all possible options. If you remember, there was such situation when Roskosmos has recalled about 70 rocket engines on check. It was possible to risk and start engines with other solder, but then have taken an unprofitable step for safety. It as the law - if that has occurred, it is necessary to check all similar products", - Moiseyev has told.

It has also reminded that in aircraft in case of state of emergency suspend flights of a certain type of the plane. "This iron rule", - the expert has told.

a source of RIA Novosti in space-rocket branch has told Earlier that the Energiya Rocket and space corporation will check for existence of traces from a drill everything the Union and Progress spaceships which are stored at Baikonur Cosmodrome and being in production in situated near Moscow to the Queen.

Before it other source has told RIA Novosti that the opening from a drill closed by glue became the reason of leak of air in the Union of MS-09 spaceship docked to the International Space Station. On the thirtieth of August during negotiations of crew of the ISS with Mission control center astronauts have reported to Earth that in the location of a microcrack not factory traces of glue are found.

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