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Starched bombs: why fried potato affects the health not worse than cigarettes

Weapon of dietary destruction!

of the Big-head do of potatoes, potatoes - vegetable, and very useful, then why big-heads it is considered harmful? Understood The New York Times.

"Starched bombs".

So calls potatoes Eric Rimm, professor of department of epidemiology and food at School of public health care of Harvard. According to him, potatoes - the last in the list of healthy vegetables, and in it is not present those connections and nutrients which contain in green sheet vegetables. If you take

potato, clean it, removing a skin (where there are some nutrients), cut it, you fry pieces in oil and you salt from above, cheese, Chile or sauce, the starched bomb turns into weapon of dietary destruction.

the Research conducted last year in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that potatoes have the high glycemic index which is connected with the increased risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

the Group of researchers from England, Italy, Spain and the USA checked data from 4400 people aged from 45 up to 79 years and watched their diet and health within eight years. By the end of the period of 236 participants died.

the Research showed that participants who ate fried potatoes two-three times a week put themselves at higher risk of mortality (twice) in comparison with those who ate boiled or baked.

Why big-heads is harmful?

French fries with its slightly salty crust - it is very tasty. Lindsay Moyer, the senior nutritionist from the Center of sciences in the field of public interest, told that the number of the big-head which you eat has even bigger value, than type of oil on which it was fried or the area of its crust.

is recognized as the Most harmful as wafer big-heads because its surface absorbs most of all oil.

I is dangerous amount of trans-fats on French fries which, as we know, poses a serious threat for health, and amount of salt. And it can create domino effect: authors believe that "higher consumption of fried potatoes can increase risk of other chronic diseases, such as obesity, a hypertension and diabetes which are also powerful risk factors of cardiovascular diseases".

are present At fried potatoes chemicals: for example, acrylamide. It was found in fried French fries and potato chips, and it is connected with risk of cancer at animals, and probably at people.

Be careful of stuffings and seasonings.

may contain French fries with cheese and Chile or other sauces to 1000 calories for the portion, Mrs. Moyer told.

Considering the aforesaid, council one - it is less than French fries! If, of course, health is expensive to you!

of Fia Mont.



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