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Soul muscle? - source of your fear and concern. Here is how to appease it

Councils of the skilled yogi. How often we hear

: "The reason of a depression, fear and concern - in the head", writes Higher Perspective. Actually the reason of these states can be absolutely in the friend the place - in a waist which is often called "a soul muscle", or psoas.

of Psoas - a big lumbar muscle - the only muscle connecting a backbone to legs. She supports a body in vertical position and participates in raising of legs when walking, stabilizes a backbone and provides support of all trunk.

Besides all these important functions, the lumbar muscle carries out one more - affects your wellbeing.

The matter is that psoas is directly connected with a reptilian brain - the most ancient internal part of a trunk of a head and spinal cord. Lise Koch writes: "Long before there was a speech or organizing abilities of a cerebral cortex developed, our existence at the deepest level was supported by the reptilian brain known for the instincts of survival". Lise Koch considers that our modern accelerated way of life leads to the chronic tension of a lumbar muscle - as a result it is in constant readiness for fight or flight. Chronically compressed lumbar muscle leads

to compression of internals, presses on nervous fibers, complicates the movement of liquids and interferes with diaphragm breath.

the Situation aggravates a modern way of life - movement on the car, the fitting clothes, a sedentary life, the footwear breaking a bearing, etc. of

Psoas define not only your gait, but also your mood, outlook and the relations with people around.

the Relaxed lumbar muscle realizes your creative potential? promotes lengthening of a front part of hips / "nj allows legs to move irrespective of a basin and improves a condition of all trunk and heart.

to weaken псоас and to remove internal stress execute several simple movements shown in this video (to look from second minute):

How often you feel tension in a waist? What helps you to relax?

of Lazarenko Yuli.




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