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Souffle for lips, ampoules with pure hyaluronic acid and other byyuti-novelties

Hair preparations with oil of a tea tree, mint and a lavender, ottenochny conditioner, coconut lip balm, a multifunctional mist with castor oil, seeds of the Indian tamarind and extract of a ginseng and other byyuti-novelties of week - about everything the most interesting we tell in our review.

the Men's fragrance Gentleman Cologne, Givenchy (5,830 rub) of

After versions of Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum at fresh aroma of Gentelman appeared new olfaktorny interpretation.

the Duet of the famous perfumers Natali Lorson and Olivier Cresp made the main note an iris (he only lives literally hour and there is an almost inaudible powdery haze). Added a powerful dose of a citrus to it: bergamot, lemon and petitgreyn. And rosemary, a traditional component of cologne, strengthens sounding of the top notes. The courage of composition gives vetiver, амброксан and velvety musk.

the Main gentleman of Givenchy is still the actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson who in advertizing campaign appeared in four passionate images.

"Protection against Hard Water 5" Collection, Pantene (from 237 rub)

Dry, easily confused, turning yellow, dim a hair - here the main signs of influence of water with high concentration of salts of calcium. Hard water which contains a large amount of minerals is guilty of scaling in a teapot, a limy raid on plumbing fixtures walls. It is terrible to present how such water influences our hair!

Experts of Pantene thought up means which neutralize harmful effects of hard water. The formula of shampoo and conditioners (for the dry and injured hair and universal for all types) consists of vitamin C which high concentration helps to oxidize hard water, weakening effect of salts and iron.

the Multifunctional mist of Fixit Spray, Krygina Cosmetics (1,100 rub)

Here and long-awaited replenishment in the range Krygina Cosmetics of the Russian makeup artist Elena Krygina! This is a multifunctional mist of Fixit Spray which kills two hares at once: performs functions of a basis and fixes a make-up.

And it can be put as refreshing (before a hot season especially relevant) and the moistening means. It forms a thin film on which liquid foundation lays down more exactly on a face.

As well as all means of the brand, a mist it is possible to mix with other products, for example, to mix with the metallized pigments of Metallized or any friable textures. In structure - castor oil, seeds of the Indian tamarind and extract of a ginseng.

the Palette of Shade Light Eye Contour, Kat Von D Beauty (3,550 rub)

the Palette of shadows for a konturing of eyes divided into three compartments with four shades in neutral, cold and warm colors will be pleasant to lovers of a nyudovy make-up.

by means of Shade Light Eye Contour and a couple of waves can make a brush eyes more, to visually change their form and a section, to increase or reduce distance between them, to raise external corners, п



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