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"Social activists" have tried to distract Sevastopol from the antisocial budget

The budget of Sevastopol agreed by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation will grow two more years at the expense of federal grants. However the city government has managed to impose it so that the generosity of the Center will turn back reduction of the social sphere for the city.

It have shown the public hearings which have taken place on October 30, the correspondent of Politnavigator tells.

the Government of Sevastopol has submitted the three-year budget according to which the city will be able to dispose in 2019 of 46,1 billion rub, in the 2020th - 55,8 billion rub, and in the 2021st - 37,2 billion rubles. The most part of income will be made by grants of the federal budget.

However as the Control Audit Chamber of Sevastopol claims, in the budget of 2019 of 12 billion have no legal grounds. As the deputy head of PCB Natalya Sereda has noticed, the dishonesty of developers can cause non-execution of actions of the federal target program of development of the Crimea and Sevastopol (FTP).

have already led Similar miscalculations last year to the fact that in Sevastopol construction of hospital of emergency medical service and city infectious diseases hospital hasn't begun.

"Aren't provided by the three-year budget expenses on capital investments in educational institutions, institutions of preschool and professional education, - including in the presence of the design and estimate documentation. Also, in spite of the fact that only 38% of highways conform to standard requirements, for 2019-2021 capital repairs of roads aren't provided", - Sereda has told.

according to the deputy Tatyana Scherbakova, isn't planned by the budget of Sevastopol construction of a psychoneurological boarding school though the government promised to make it. In the city of 197 people with the first group of disability on mental diseases, 1235 citizens the second group of disability is appropriated. Now such people are sent to boarding schools of other territorial subjects of the Russian Federation.

As has found out the Primechaniya edition, Sevastopol in 2017 has ordered design of 80 social objects which had to be executed on August 31, 2018. But instead on each object additional agreements are signed, the completion date, at best, is postponed for 2019. The edition lays blame on it on the city government.

But pro-government media report not these defects of the budget, and that haven't let group of 20 social activists to public hearings. All offended were members of the group "our Sevastopol". They didn't begin to give as it is provided by the regional legislation, the application for participation, and have demanded the admission to the hall.

Earlier activists of "our Sevastopol" criticized the government and supported projects of city developers. Now, when the main boss of social activists owner of Interstroy moves to Simferopol, "our Sevastopol" has unexpectedly got support from executive power. The vice governor Ilya Ponomarev has urged deputies of Legislative Assembly to study attentively offers not allowed for the budgetary hearings by activists.



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