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Smoking of a grass ages a brain for 2,8 years! It is 4 times worse, than vodka!

It is NOT harmless substance?.

Smoking of cannabis ages a brain for 2,8 years, and schizophrenia - on 4, the last researches say. Bipolar disorder accelerates aging of a brain for 1,6 years, and ADHD - on 1,4. Excessive alcohol intake "ages" him for 0,6 years, Dailymail writes. Aging of a brain is first of all decrease in a blood-groove through this vital. The leading author of a research doctor Daniel Amen, the founder of Amen Clinics, has told: "This research is especially important as our culture begins to perceive marijuana as harmless substance. This opening has to help us to make a pause". Researchers have analysed 62 454 these scannings of a brain made to 31 227 patients. Scanning which was carried out both during rest, and at the concentration moments has been made to aged people from nine months to 105 years, and had to define factors which promote aging of a brain.

Scientists have analysed a blood-groove through 128 areas of each brain to define to what age he corresponds. When they have learned the actual age of the person, they could measure aging speed.

Doctor George Perry from the University of the State of Texas, San Antonio who didn't participate in a research, has told: "It is one of the early demographic studies based on population, and these large researches are necessary for the answer how to support structure of a brain and function during aging". Surprisingly, but between a depression and aging of a brain no communication was revealed. Researchers believe that various parts of a brain are influenced by only such frustration as ADHD and schizophrenia.

Results show that scientists can predict age of the person, based on models of a brain blood-groove. Besides, the foundation for further studying of how widespread mental disorders has been laid can influence healthy zones of a brain.

Medical cannabis will be available according to the recipe in Great Britain after his approval by the government in July, 2018. Doctors will be able to appoint to patients the vaccine received from marijuana, in the fall of 2018. It will be available only according to recipes, and only to patients with exclusive clinical need.

In this competition, apparently, has won alcohol!

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