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Smells slightly of Lebedev: Rozetka has carried out strange rebranding

On Friday, September 14, the largest online hypermarket and маркетплейс Ukraine Rozetka has carried out rebranding, having changed identity. Also I have right there run into mountains of criticism. "We know

: better than our logo there is almost nothing. But we feel that time to move forward... Time to fix these changes therefore we have updated our visual style has come, having left a favourite logo recognizable and native", - it is said in the statement of a brand.

New identity of Rozetka - we watch and we estimate online:

Is reported that development was conducted the whole year and the Ukrainian branding agency of Fedoriv which was responsible for appearance of the popular domestic brands "Nova Mail",, Oschadbank and others was engaged in it. New design of "Socket".

Offline the presentation of a brand is planned for September 17. Up to this point in the company abstain from comments. However for Rozetka it was made by the leaders of opinions who have cruelly crushed new identity.

Dispersion of opinions about new ravines left wide - from Adok... to "That it for". .

were also others - expanded options:

It seems that they weren't updated, and before factory settings everything have thrown off

of any positive review... such feeling that the first of April
it is similar at us domestic лебедев it was got! PEREMOGA!

of Heytit is already possible for ugly ravines - or to wait for the reddot?

the Main claim is not modern ravines, and something from the 90th. In principle, looking at the updated green mug of online giant, it is difficult not to agree with it.

parallels with the famous Russian designer Artemy Lebedev whose studio essentially creates slag disgusting ravines have Also been drawn, and then furiously and pathosly protects them.

However, were the few to whom new ravines has pleased, among them - employees of the
the Brand manager of Rozetka Andrey Kowalewski is proud of the work:




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