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Smedley: On Friday never everything manages to be made truly

It was hardly worth expecting that after all problems of this season of the Williams car will be fast on the Belgian route. Following the results of the first day of a week-end Sergey Sirotkin has appeared on the 18th line of the protocol of Friday, Lens Stroll - on penultimate. However racers consider that the team gradually progresses.

Rob Smedley, chief racing engineer: "Day has passed quite routinely. Since morning we have carried out several aerodynamic tests, but have generally focused on work with settings, paying special attention to search of the correct angle of attack of a back wing.

I Think, following the results of the first session we managed to deal with this question then we have a little corrected balance of both cars. In the second session we just tried to optimize other settings with a view to qualification, and then have started long series of circles.

In the whole Spa - quite difficult route, and on Friday never at once everything it is possible to make correctly, but both racers haven't bad worked - probably, we managed to move ahead a little more in comparison with a situation in which we were until recently. Also we have developed some ideas which are successfully tested on tests in Hungary - we hope, it will help us in other days of a week-end".

of Lens Stroll (19th): "After a break we have returned to work and today's trainings have carried out rather steadily. As usual, we were engaged in settings, but we will look what waits for us tomorrow, we have no information on according to what programs the others so it is the best of all to wait for qualification worked to avoid disappointments!

to Us after all needs to take the following step forward to achieve better coupling with the route and balance. The route is excellent, especially the second sector with his high-speed turns and if it is possible to pass well it, it always lightens the mood.

Even on Friday on the route the fine atmosphere, in the stands has already appeared public, the real racing fans, and it is always healthy! "

Sergey Sirotkin (18th): "Usual Friday, as always, at us is a lot of affairs, and we have worked over some interesting aspects. By results of passing of circles of it it isn't visible, and they look not too positively, but, in my opinion, we begin to find stabler basic settings.

to Us was helped by weather and the Belgian route - not the worst for our car. Still there are difficulties with balance, they haven't disappeared anywhere, but the car behaves more predictably, and we managed to improve a number of key parameters in comparison with what was earlier.

All this small steps, but steps in the right direction. They won't allow to change considerably a situation, and we understand it, but we try to squeeze out a maximum of what we have. I think, everything goes not bad".



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