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Slovakia brought to the millionaire Kochner charge of the order of murder of the journalist Kutsyak

In Slovakia the millionaire Mariana Kochnera was accused of the order of murder of the journalist Jan Kutsyak. reports about it.

"Marianna Kochnera brought to the millionaire businessman charge of the order of murder of the journalist-rassledovatelya Jan Kutsyak", - it is said in the statement.

Is noted that among proofs of guilt of the millionaire there are certificates that Kochner communicated with one of influential businessmen, that it works on murder.

As is reported, Kochner committed not one crime in which he skillfully covered traces. And also the defendant is well familiar with the oligarch Norbert Byoder who was under examination.

As is reported, Kutsyak was a journalist-rassledovatelem of the portal. To death it worked on the publication about communication of an environment of the prime minister of Slovakia Robert Fico with the Italian criminal groups. However, according to prosecutor's office, suspicions concerning participation in murder of the Italian mafia about which the journalist wrote were not confirmed.

of Marian Kochner from the beginning of investigation was in a circle interested in a sledstvo. He was involved in many financial swindles and scandals in Slovakia. Together with other businessmen he was accused, in particular, of tax frauds for the sum of 2 million euros. Among his acquaintances there were politicians from different political forces, but, according to media, close relations connected him with representatives of party of the ex-prime minister Robert Fico of SMER-SD.

Is noted that a half of about 50 publications of Kutsyak which the journalist wrote in 2017 touched a face and interests Kochnera.



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