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Slender girls and brawny guys: in Kiev athletes from 16 countries have shown that such Workout

On Saturday, August 25, under the Arch of friendship of the people the festival on Workout was held. Athletes from the different countries contended for a monetary prize.

Young guys and girls competed in the Streetlifting championship, in the World Cup in Workout-records and the championship of Ukraine in Street Workout - 2018. The Informant has learned about it on the place of an event. the Main goal of an action, according to organizers, - to show

to youth as it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle and to refuse alcohol intake. Therefore athletes from 16 countries of the world have gathered in Kiev.

Under the Arch of friendship of the people competed the French, Georgians, Slovaks, Greeks and participants of other nationalities. They have shown how easily perfectly to look being engaged in physical exercises.

girls Little and fragile by sight with little effort did chin-ups with an additional weight of 30 kilograms. And some brawny guys could lift even 60. Also children have shown what tricks are able to do by means of bars or a horizontal bar. we have found

of Two children who trained to the championship under a scene. 20-year-old Ania has told that she plays sports since three years, and practices Workout four years. It became noticeable when the slender girl has shown several tricks standing on hands on bars, or keeping about a pipe has fallen into horizontal position.

was Insured by her Konstantin, he has shown several exercises too. Young people have told that Workout became their hobby. Have begun to be engaged in him when have seen video on the Internet - have tried and it has turned out. Children have also noted that they don't smoke and don't take alcohol. It is things, not compatible to sport. They dissuade the friends and also try to attach to physical activities. we Will note

that physically disabled people were participants of the championships also. Therefore the festival became the meeting place of amateur athletes and professional athletes of different age and nationalities. And all of them are united by Workout. at the end participants of a festival suited to

joint Workout of a show. Yarmak, DJ Sender and other stars of show business appeared on stage.

of Workout Freestyle: Alexander Didenko (Ukraine, Kropivnitsky)

Workout-records: Eldar Yagayev, (Kazakhstan, Aktau)

World Cup in a stritlifting: Alexander Siart (Greece, Athens)



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