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Slavia pulled out a victory at Yablonts and it remained a point to a title

The early crowning of Slavia did not take place, but at the end of this week "red-white" in Ostrava will be able already to lift a champion cup over the head. After the strong-willed victory over Yablonts - 2:1, Slavia for two rounds to the finish advances the second Pilsen by five points.

Though on "Eden" planned to note the champion's title already today, however everything was spoiled by Victoria which crushed Sparta - 4:0. Perhaps, expectation of a holiday nearly played a dirty trick with owners. The missed fast goal, some more moments Yablonts and the gained winning goal in five minutes prior to the end of the game - <>
For Slavia - it will have the fifth title in their history, after champion 1996, 2008, 2009 and 2017. It was necessary to wait for days off and a final whistle with the outsider of the champion six Baniky.

Victoria beat houses Sparta the eighth time in a row, but the Czech club which before is most titled so largely did not lose. The western bohemians staked out for themselves the second place and an opportunity to play in qualification of the Champions League, and northern bohemians will not move from the fourth place any more and wait in the final of the playoffs of the Europa League of the winner of a semi-final for Mlada Boleslav - Zlin. 2018-19, Championship of the Czech Republic Game day: 2019-05-15

Victoria - "Sparta P" 4:0 (2:0)

Goals: Gorzhava, 23 (1:0); Kovarzhik, 43 (2:0); Kovarzhik, 59 (3:0); Kopits, 61 (4:0)

"Slavia P" - Yablonets of 2:1 (1:1)

Goals: Golesh, 9 (0:1); Traoré I.B., 33 (1:1); Souchek, 85 (2:1)



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