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Situation in the Championship of St. Petersburg on ShKMG before a decisive fight

Situation in the Championship of St. Petersburg on ShKMG before a decisive fight
The final of the Championship of St. Petersburg on ring motorcycle races will take place this Saturday, on the Autodrome St. Petersburg. After three stages some definiteness is in two of four classes: situation in the championship before a decisive fight.

of МОТОГОНКИ.РУ, on September 14, 2018 - Since the beginning of a season have taken place 3 rounds of the championship: two exit (within RSBK on Moscow Raceway) and "house", on the Autodrome in Shushary. The recruit of the SPB Racing Team team, 18-year-old Sasha Pavlov has soiled all rivals, except unique - Volodya Leonov. The strongest pilot of Russia has arrived on the 2nd round of the Championship to the Northern Capital to show a true master class on bumpy and physically exacting Autodrome St. Petersburg - and to establish new, so far a record of a circle, inaccessible to all, 1:18.194. In more detail about it on МОТОГОНКИ.РУ: Vladimir Leonov has set new level to the autodrome St. Petersburg. for 3 stages Pavlov could score with

70 points from 75 In the class Superbike possible and now is ahead of Tulubyev by 25 points, and Mikhail Shumilin on 30. It means that to Pavlov rather just to finish and take at least 1 point to become the champion of St. Petersburg of 2018. Situation: Superbike 1. Pavlov - 70
2. Tulubyev - 45

3. Shumilin - 40

4. Leonov - 25

5. Shaternikova - 24

6. Mochalov - 22

7. Losikov - 19

8. Gordiychuk - 16

9. Putikhin - 13

10. A goose - 10

In the class Supersport situation similar. In spite of the fact that Makar Yurchenko representing the same SPB Racing Team team as Pavlov, didn't act at the 2nd stage at home, in St. Petersburg, he has taken victories at stages in Moscow and therefore is in the lead in offset with 50 points. However, Makar's participation in the final isn't confirmed yet so the intrigue remains. Situation: Supersport 1. Yurchenko - 50
2. Kasatkin - 33

3. Krasnyuk - 24

4. Gray hairs - 20

5. Semyonovich - 16

6. Zangiyev - 16

In the amateur class STK-1000 fight is much closer - three applicants go with a difference to only 10 points. And here in a 600-vat class the leader is defined in advance. Situation: Superstock-1000 1. Semyonov - 50
2. Voroshilov - 45

3. Tags - 40

4. Bondarenko - 29

5. Denisov - 16 Situation: Superstock-600 1. Fedoseyev - 50
2. Pulinovich - 20

3. Tripod - 20

4. Huzhin - 16

5. Kolodyazhny - 13

6. Borshcheva - Has begun 11

final day of races in Shushary - at 13:00.



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