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Since January 1, 2019 electricity market demonopolization process - Korolchuk started

Since January 1, 2019 electricity market demonopolization began - earlier regional power exclusively delivered electricity to the population and the industry, and since the beginning of year there was a division of suppliers, the member of the supervisory board of Institute of energy strategies Yury Korolchuk told on March 13 on air of Espreso TV channel.

separately work Today the companies which transport and sell the electric power, he explained and added that the number of electricity providers will increase further, and the fact that consumers renewed agreements with the new organizations, called success and the predicted positive expectations from electricity market reform.

"Since July 1, 2019 according to the plan of the law on the electricity market has to earn full-scale. That is, it will concern all power producers and consumers", - Korolchuk said.

the Antimonopoly committee confirmed that the market is regulated by the National commission which is carrying out regulation in spheres of power and utilities (NKREKP).

"Respectively, thermal power plants a priori, just as Energoatom, cannot be monopolists because they actually are in conditions, adjustable, actually dependent on the state organizations today", - the expert summarized.

the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law "About the Market of Electric Energy" on April 13, 2017. It came into force since July 11, 2017 and assumes introduction of a new competitive market model and norms of the Third power package of the EU, including in a question of division of the companies in the directions of distribution and power transmission.

the Retail market of electric energy within reform of power market was started since January 1, 2019.




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