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Shouted of the help: the Ukrainian soldier was ignored by command

On one of social network the Ukrainian volunteer posted "anniversary of friendship" with the soldier, and unexpectedly learned about his tragic death.

On Facebook the user of Ira Tsybuh posted a photo of the died companion and thus notified the public on the tragedy which happened the day before in a zone of carrying out OOS:

"Today my brother, native on spirit, became an angel. And it. probably was it always. Never I will forget your heat and kindness. You the little man in my life. Thank you for the fact that you are. You will always live in the hearts of those who knew you!"

"Posted on фб a post 1 year of friendship today, I think, now under a post precisely write many pleasant things to дн the volunteer. There pass three min., your fellow writes that you 200", - Irina wrote.

the Woman accuses his management of Mikhail's death:

"I sit and I proklyanat all. Boughs! He so much time asked holidays from you. My post till October 19, two more weeks it under the law could go before on leave, today on December 5 the holiday was not".

the Volunteer assures that the dead wanted to go on deserved leave for a long time, but the leadership team of it did not agree:

"Was torn, asked home. Spoke шо was tired and it is necessary to switch! Aaaaa". the Woman touchingly remembered

the dead:

"I love your brown eyes, and a simple, sincere smile, always zaspokiylivu-" everything will be good ". I love in you simplicity. I love such right truth and fight, without pathos of the real soldiers as you. I will miss very much you, the brother. Now you are an angel. In thoughts strong I embrace you. Thanks. Your Irka *".

Is known that the died Mikhail Pokidchenko had little daughter, family. As the finishing word, the volunteer on emotions also wrote Ukrainian "dissatisfied with war:

"PS A are wounded by that to whom this war bothered and 200 to Put * Remember, they not you suffer and perish. Your circles of hell ahead. Wars to you and pain".



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