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She has graduated from 2 most prestigious universities - and has given to all students this 25 advice

She has graduated from 2 most prestigious universities - and has given to all students this 25 advice
The Harvard and Yale are to you not to sneeze at. Not many of us know

how to study as much as possible to acquire the gained knowledge. Therefore, at the beginning of new academic year, Bored Panda has shared councils of the graduate student of Harvard and Yale - to Sofia Chua-Rubenfild from her note "How to study as the student of Harvard".

Sofia is a daughter of the writer Amy Chua who has become famous for the book about strict education of children "The fighting anthem by mother tigress".

No wonder that "mother tigress" has tried this method on the daughter, and brought up her very strictly, demanding the maximum achievements in study.

I it seems that this method works. Sofia became Doctor of Law at law school of Yale University recently. In the personal blog Sofia has told about how to study as the student of Harvard, and her text proves that all of us do everything incorrectly.

Preliminary steps.

1. Choose those objects which interest you. Only then study won't be similar to a slave labor. If you don't want to study, I can help nothing to you.

2. Get friends. See points 12, 13, 23, 24.

General principles.

3. You study less, but it is better.

4. Don't swallow knowledge, and chew them. Refuse sample not analytical thinking and perception.

5. Vague ideas of something - it is bad. To receive vague representations - a useless waste of time.

6. Write down.

7. Properly understand a subject.

Plan of the attack. Phase I: occupations.

8. You attend lectures. So you in many respects will better understand and, in the long term, you will save to yourself a lot of time.

9. Summarize. I don't know a scientific explanation for this fact, but what you write down manually, best of all is engraved in the memory. Even if you will distract from the abstract which you write by hand, and you will draw figures, it is one thousand times better, than to do marks in the electronic device or to stick accidentally on social network.

Stage II: self-training.

10. The fact that you sit in library doesn't fill you with knowledge yet. Eight hours on Facebook spent in library are only eight hours on Facebook. Besides students who before examinations spend weeks in library very quickly begin to smell badly. Go home and take a shower. While you wash the head, organize yourself oral poll.

11. Be engaged gradually every day - but not the whole day. Let it look so: "Today I will read one chapter and I will write a half of problem definition, and then I will watch series and I will go to the gym. It is much more effectively than widespread option: "I will sit down at the book right now and I will read how many I will be able... About isn't present, midnight, and I only on the page number five, and in the room a mess".

12. Don't forget about incentives. There is nothing worse, than infinity of time of study. If you to six need to go to a party, you will much quicker cope with a task.

13. Allow friends to confiscate your phone if they catch



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