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"She already in Solar system": Trump and Putin continue to hide the truth about Nibira - the astronomer

Scientists make a trajectory of flight of the planet of X which can already soon destroy Earth of NASA, the expert from confidential group of researchers Scott Sheppard considers.

the First warnings of approach to Nibir have appeared during government in the USA of the president Barack Obama. However he didn't have enough forces to announce to people the planet of X. The expert on a thematic resource has told about it.

the American astronomer by the name of Scott Sheppard has told that he was a member of large team of scientists which studied emergence of the new moon near Jupiter.

according to the scientist working on the confidential American space program he with colleagues in 2003 have made a number of pictures. They perfectly suited under descriptions to Nibir who still then could enter internal Solar system. After long studying of a possibility of presence Nibir, the American presidents didn't manage to declare

it to inhabitants of Earth. At the beginning of 2017, according to the astronomer Scott Sheppard, the confidential group of scientists of NASA studying Nibira began to find more and more bases to claim that she already in Solar system.

according to the expert, in Helsinki Trump and Putin discussed not political affairs, namely the space program for studying at the summit to Nibir and the possible statement for her close presence to Earth. The problem consists that for a start it is necessary to create a trajectory of flight of the potential planet of X that now and is found out by scientists from NASA. Trump with Putin will hold back

about Nibira until the threat of collision with Earth isn't obvious, the astronomer considers. For presidents similar recognition - huge threat to wellbeing of the country. However, according to Sheppard though heads of states also continue to hide the truth about Nibira, but a huge number of ufologists and conspiracy theorists conducts separate fight worldwide "for the truth". They constantly collect and publish data about Nibira.



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