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Shakhtar took notice of the universal defender

Donetsk Shakhtar shows interest in the defender of Croatian Hejduk 22-year-old Ardian Ismayli.

Scouts of Shakhtar already looked through the defender during the matches of Hejduk, Slobodna Dalmacia reports.

of Ismayli prefers to work in the center of defense, but also is capable to play of positions of the right defender.

the Donetsk club could be convinced as Ismayli during the recent friendly match against Hejduk. Then the club from Split won <>
In this season the football player played 13 matches in all tournaments and scored one goal. His contract with Hejduk works till summer of 2020, and transfer cost is 500 thousand euros. we Will note

that the Donetsk club during a transfer window declared acquisition of the midfielder of Israeli Maccabi from Petah Tikva Manor Solomon, signing of the forward of Carpathians Daniil Sikan and transition of the defender of Alexandria Valery Bondarenko.

At the same time ranks of "miners" was left by the central defender Yaroslav Rakitsky and the right defender Oleg Danchenko. Both moved to Russia. Subscribe by

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