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Shakhtar - Olympique - 2:2: Shevchuk gave battle to Fonseca. The 17th tour (VIDEO)


Goals: JUNIOR MORAES (Tyson), 7 - 1:0. E. PASICh, 52 - 1:1. BALASHOV (penalty), 66 - 1:2. JUNIOR MORAES (Alan Patrick), 90 3 - <>
Shakhtar (Donetsk): Pyatov - 5.5. Danchenko - 5.0. Krivtsov - 5.0. Hocholava - 5.0 (Matviyenko, 26 - 5.5). Ismailia - 5.0. Stepanenko - 5.0 (Alan Patrick, 70 - 5.5). Maicon - 5.5. Wellington Is mute - 5.0. Bolbat - 5.5 (Kovalenko, 66 - 5.0). Tyson - 6.0. JUNIOR MORAES - <>
Olympique (Donetsk): Makhnovsky - 5.5. Grishko - 5.5. Tsymbalyuk - 5.5. Snurnitsyn - 5.5. Guy - 5.5. Politylo - 5.5. Koltsov - 5.5 (Kravchenko, 90 4 - / o). E. Pasich - 6.0. Ksenz - 5.5. BALASHOV - 6.0. Degtyarev - 5.5 (Teixeira, 90 2 - / o).

of Punishment: Stepanenko, 45. Maicon, 51. Koltsov, 60. Danchenko, 65. Junior Moraes, 70. Makhnovsky, 85. Politylo 90 7. Tyson, 90 7. Alan Patrick, 90 7 (preventions).

Scoring chances: 3 - 3.

Blows (in an alignment): 10 (7) - 5 (2) <.br>
Angular: 2 - 5.

of the Judge: KOPIEVSKIY (Kropivnitsky). Alyokhin (Dnieper), Volodin (Kherson).

on December 2. Kharkiv. OSK "Metalworker". Minus 6 degrees. 2137 viewers (accomodates 41,307).

With emergence on the trainer's bridge of Olympique of Vyacheslav Shevchuk interest in the Donetsk derby objectively increased. The ex-defender of miners, is a lot of years plowing the left brow in Shakhtar, was for the first time crossed with the former club in new professional quality in the Cup of Ukraine, and the score 3:2 in favor of Paulo Fonseca's team multiplied by match peripetias, not walking for miners, spoke for itself.

Olympique under supervision of Shevchuk is able to stand for itself in a match with such unconditional football authority as Shakhtar.

On it in the run-up to the new appointment with Olympique, now in the championship, Taras Stepanenko for whom Shevchuk was many years a game partner paid attention.

- Olympique changed, - the midfielder of Shakhtar said, - the team passes a little. In a match on the Cup of Ukraine they created to us some problems. Therefore on Sunday it is necessary to work extremely attentively. It is necessary to approach this game seriously...

Emphasis on gravity of approach to ordinary in general for orange-black to a game of the championship was justified by the emotional splash endured by football players of Shakhtar after the victory over Hoffenheim. It was important to them not to fall into euphoria connected with prospects absolutely real now to live up to spring in the Champions League, and not to relax on the internal front.

of Marlos, the contract with Shakhtar which last week prolonged for three years, so far still off side. As well as Rakitsky. In comparison with a match in Germany in starting lineup of miners there were two beginners - Bolbat and Wellington Is mute. Kovalenko had and remained in a stock, and Matviyenko turned out on a bench as superfluous in a yesterday's tactical plan of trainers orange-black. to Play

according to the scheme with three central defenders which appeared a surprise for football players of the German club, yesterday Shakhtar did not become. But Olympique, on the contrary



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