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Sevastopol hopes only for Sobyanin

In Sevastopol already nobody hopes that the favourite vacation spot - Victory park - will become again civilized this year.

This green zone wasn't exemplary: for the Ukrainian years dashing builders have stolen a half of the earth under the projects. But the park lived - with semi-legal attractions, illegal platforms for a shish kebab, the drying-up relic trees and the only avenue which is laid out by a tile from the plant of one of the Kiev managers and resting against not well-groomed beach.

Good intention of the Russian authorities to put Victory park in order has cast him into full ruin. An object has been included in the federal target program (FTP) of development of the Crimea. Over one billion rubles have been allocated. Perhaps, the size of the sum was fatal. Bedlam of contractors has begun.

last year the government of Sevastopol has signed the contract with the Sakhalin firm "Rabochy-1". The contractor has managed to remove only quite to himself a strong Ukrainian tile from the central avenue when the contract with him has been dissolved.

the Government has at once signed the contract with LLC Glassok-Crimea which is called the favourite contractor of the governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov. The firm with a bad background has received some more orders, but contracts have been terminated at the initiative of control and law enforcement agencies subsequently.

For half a year of work with Glassok has filled in with concrete tens of square meters of the park under fountains, has destroyed 50 trees and has damaged tens more. On it works have come to the end.

Last summer the governor Ovsyannikov has said that he intends to break off the contract and with the second contractor. In it it is a high time it has become clear that the first contractor "Worker-1" has proved illegality of cancellation of the contract with him in court.

Thus, apply for the right to master one billion means of the FTP three companies: "Worker-1" with whom the government of Sevastopol, Glassok-Crimea which has no current assets continues to have legal proceedings but is unpaid taxes, and at last, LLC SK Upravleniye stroitelstva-620. The last firm has lost the second tender for reconstruction of Victory park. But results of this tender are challenged now by Federal Antimonopoly Service which has submitted a claim to the government of Sevastopol.
all this
I occurs "on bones" the park which has turned into a dump of building materials, concrete and metal designs. As the deputy of city Legislative Assembly Ivan Kusov to whom the governor has charged to look after building claims, skeletons of fountains have already become covered by microcracks.

of Work in the park are conducted so-so, less than 10% of all volume planned undeveloped are executed there are more than half a billion rubles. The most important - efforts of the federal center which has allocated considerable funds for improvements of Sevastopol are discredited.

the Only hope of the residents of Sevastopol who have lost the favourite vacation spot is a Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin who has promised to help with a conversation with the Russian President Vladimir Putin to the city of the Russian seamen recently "with squares and improvement".



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