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Serious threat: the ex-fighter has painted the scenario of the Kremlin in the Sea of Azov

The situation in the Sea of Azov between Ukraine and Russia continues to be heated, and many experts predict a new round of the Russian armed aggression. But before holding the Ukrainian presidential elections it is improbable.

About this ObozTV was told by the ex-fighter of the Aydar battalion Evgeny Diky, describing the most probable power succession of events. According to him, the Kremlin is going to correct the foreign policy by results of presidential elections in Ukraine therefore before 2019 won't undertake active actions.

"But threat very serious. You watch what scenario: access to Berdyansk and Mariupol is blocked, the plants which are completely tied for export of the production through the Sea of Azov there stop, and in a front zone - Mariupol actually in twenty kilometers from "front" - there are left without work tens of thousands of people", - the veteran has said.

"Considering I.Q. and level of awareness of a part of locals, unambiguously certain percent of the population will consider the guilty person not Russia, but Kiev", - Diky has explained, having called such actions very serious shaking of a situation in anticipation of the Ukrainian elections.

"In case of power option, imagine: landing of troops on the Azov coast, and before that mass social disorders in the cities which were left without work because of blockade rise. And in a risk zone again all so-called Novorossiya, - he has told. Diky has specified

: a lot of things will depend on what resistance will be shown to an aggressor by Ukraine. In case opposition isn't, Diky has reminded that plans of the Kremlin about annexation of territories up to Transnistria haven't got to anywhere.

"Another thing is that I think, we already at all not those that in 2014, and it so won't pass", - I have assured ex-
In case such scenario really develops, Ukraine shouldn't hope for direct military aid of foreign partners, Diky is sure.

"the USA if helps us, then economically. At best - will provide weapon. But it isn't necessary to be naive: the American children won't die for our earth. It is exclusive our business, it is necessary to us, it is our country, to us for it to die", - the veteran has summed up the result.



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