Date: 8 months ago   Category: Sport

Selection of ChE-2020: From an artistic step having passed to fighting

Having shown both beauty of a game, and rigidity of character, the Ukrainian handballers have won the first in this cycle victory that has allowed to bypass in the current table of Montenegrins with Faroeses.

Group 8

UKRAINE - MONTENEGRO - 29:24 (15:12)

Ukraine: Lump, Kosheva; Kubatko (4), Gurkovsky (4), Doroshchuk, Ostroushko (7), Denisov (6), Kirilenko (3), Onufriyenko (4), Akimenko (1), Buynenko, Tyutyunnik, Yuzhbabenko.

Montenegro: Simovich, Miyushkovich; Lasitsa (1), Chavor (1), Shevalyevich (3), Pelidiya (1), S. Vuyovich (7), M. Vuyovich (5), Bozovic (5), Radovich, Peyovich, Lipovina (1), V. Kaludzherovich, B. Vuyovich, Bakich.

Seven-meter: 2 (1) - 7 (4) <.br>
Penal time: 16 - 12.

of the Judge: Erdogan, Ozdeniz (both are Turkey).

on October 28. Bags. Arena of SUMGU. 1430 viewers.

Evgeny KARELSKY from Sumy
the Joy of such success, as a rule, blocks former minuses. The it is more, the victory over solid team from coast of Adriatic Sea became the first for Sergey Bebeshko's headquarters. Of course, at heart, it was dreamed of odds of balls in seven - go figure how we with Montenegrins will roll on the finish, and there will be also a reciprocal fight in Podgorica? Danes to whom we on Wednesday have conceded in Aarhus, - all of them equally out of competition.

At fantastic if not to fanatical support of stands, ours let not at once, but have caught the necessary rhythm. Here is how the account "from owners" - 0:1, 1:3 (twice we were upset by "Romanian" Stevan Vuyovich and the only goal in a match was made by Stefan Chavor of German Vetslar), 3:3 (Sergey Onufriyenko and Alexander Kirilenko have answered), 6:5 (Pavel Gurkovsky has got through to the line), soon 7:5 in the 13th minute from Yury Kubatko on transition to "Contra" changed.

By the way, Yura, I have nearly forgotten, in the debut have issued the first parity - 1:1. It is remarkable, as he, and 9:7 Kirilenko have proved the balance which a fine feint has made as opposed to the Balkan grenadiers supposedly not only two-meter athletes are valuable to handball. Isn't adjusted to go deep into the "swing" which has remained to a break. Due to, first of all, active protection, ours held odds to four balls, and have gone to a locker room at "plus 3". Externally it looked quite artistically that undoubtedly is pleasant to the audience. Well, for example, as our captain Zakhar Denisov on the flank twisted-twirled Marko Lasitsey from Turkish Besiktas. Esthetics also the little girls acting in timeouts from local added cheerleading club of "Just&U" under supervision of Anastasia Kravchenko.

Real as now it is fashionable to be expressed, "tin" has begun after an interval. Always not standard Onufriyenko, and then Andrey Akimenko who has left from a bench have corrected arithmetics till 17:12. The gap in six balls was for the first time designated by Denisov - 18:12. In parallel Dmitry Doroshchuk alternating on the most funky sites, Evgeny Buynenko, besides Gurkovsky, Dmitry Tyutyunnik and proved the multimachine operator, in the most positive sense of a word, Vladislav Ostroushko worked in backs. The best sniper boundary in team and only one small penalty in a passive - it is serious.

In general, removals at under



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