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Selection of ChE-2019 (U-21): In time have bethought (VIDEO)

Selection of ChE-2019 (U-21): In time have bethought (VIDEO)
Having completely changed the Latvian youth team in the first half, Alexander Golovko's wards as a result have nearly missed a victory.

UKRAINE (U-21) - LATVIA (U-21) - 3:2 (2:0)

Goals: Priests, 21 (1:0). Swede, 28 (2:0). Fedorov, 60 (2:1). Кигурс, 63 (2:2). Kovalenko, 65 (3:2) <.br>
Ukraine: Makhankov, Tymchik, Popov, Mikolenko, Mykhaylychenko, Vakulko, Lednev, Shaparenko (Protasov, 83), Kovalenko, Swede (Tretyakov, 64), Russinian (Boryachuk, 58).

Latvia: Соммерс, Yurkovsky, Gulbis, Swarthy, Karklinsh (Savelyev, 18), Tobers, Emsis, Kigurs (Yaunzems, 83), Tsyganyk, Fedorov (Kurtis, 76), Ivanov.

of Punishment: Swarthy, 40. Priests, 43. Emsis, 47. Кигурс, 49. Tsyganyk, 83. Vauklko, 88. Boryachuk, 90 2 (preventions).

Judge: STOYaNOV. Kolev, Doynov (all - Bulgaria).

on September 7. Zaporizhia. "Slavutich-Arena".

was necessary to our youth team only a victory. After the Dutch peers have the day before stood in Norwich against British, we should have approached a duel with "orange" in a final tour without loss in three home games.

the Structure of the Ukrainian team cardinally differed from former. All protective line, the forward - the debutant, and only in the center - familiar all faces is remade. In gate, of course, it would be desirable to see Andrey Lunin, but you understand where he. The mentor has preferred Vladimir Makhankov to the Kharkov citizen Daniil Kanevtsev who has remained in a stock and Vladimir Krynsky from Olympique.

In the center of defense habitual couple Ivan Zotko - Pavel Lukyanchuk were replaced by Dynamo members from the junior national team of Alexander Petrakov - Denis Popov and Vitaly Mikolenko. Everything is logical: Zotko missed a meeting because of search of cards, and here Lukyanchuk, according to Alexander Golovko, has received microdamage.

However there were already enough reasons for replacements: Zotko in the current season doesn't play for Elche in the Spanish segunda, Lukyanchuk left starting lineup of Kishvarda only in the first round of the championship of Hungary, has been replaced in the 39th minute - and since then in the field didn't appear, staying in a stock. And his Andrey Shevchenko and in the first national team caused when the main defenders took off, and Lukyanchuk still was registered as the player of Veres. .

is injured Igor Kiryukhantsev On the right, literally on the eve of the game with Latvia Igor Luchkevich has joined him in infirmary. That though plays for only youth team of Standard, but would be useful to the national team. At the left a cycle there began Alexander Osman, but now he in a double of Arsenal, and the youth teams leaving there in two last matches Nikolay Matviyenko and Vasily Kravets - in the first national team...

In such situation of the candidate of the main players of "Dawn" Alexander Tymchik and Bogdan Mykhaylychenko who have grown in August in solid international experience, didn't raise any doubts.

as a result defense has taken absolutely Dinamo form: the goalkeeper plus two central defenders playing for capital club and couple extreme, to Kiev residents belonging. All this with two more performers seemed painfully familiar. Almost in that



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