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Selection of ChE-2019 (U-19): From a corner - on top!

Group 8

SLOVAKIA - UKRAINE - 1:4 (1:3)

Goals: Gono, 1 (1:0). Isayenko, 11 (1:1). Sikan, 35 (1:2), Mudrik, 45 2 - with a penalty (1:3). Tsitaishvili, 70 (1:4) <.br>
Slovakia: Foytichek, Filipyak, Pisoya, Sula, Voytko, Kmet, Potoma (Mikhalek, 77), Machara, Gono, Sagittarius, Kadak.

Ukraine: Ltayf, Agapov, Muravsky, Snurnitsyn, Plum, Gorin, Bondarenko (Prikhodko, 62), Mudrik (Supryaga, 79), Tsitaishvili, Sikan, Isayenko (Kashchuk, 80).

of Punishment: Machara, 18. Gorin, 49. Sikan, 55. Filipyak, 61 (preventions).

Judge: McLaughlin (Ireland).

on October 16. Lyushnya. Roza Hachiu stadium.

Having driven itself into a corner defeat from Norway, the junior national team of Ukraine faced need to beat by all means in a final tour of Slovaks, and, it is not simple to beat, and having scored it not less than two goals. Otherwise we in general would not get anywhere.

I again the mentor of our team Sergey Popov remade the line of the attack, having sent this time on Evgeny Isayenko and Daniil Sikan's edge. In a stock there were skilled Vladislav Supryaga and Alexey Kashchuk who played and for the national team of last convocation.

I it that already in a debut our task significantly became complicated should have happened: the goalkeeper of the Ukrainian team and Olympique Dani Ltayf was forced to get a ball from a grid of own gate after Mirosêaw Gono's shot.

However, ours not for long were in state of shock, and in 10 minutes gate of the goalkeeper of the junior team "Manchester United" Alex Foytichek were visited by a reciprocal ball. Ukrainians evened the score thanks to direct shot of the forward of Dynamo Isayenko.

Advantage of ours in the first half did not raise doubts - they still struck the rival's gate twice. At first the forward of Carpathians Sikan caused a stir, and the midfielder of Shakhtar Mikhail Mudrik hammered into time compensated by the arbitrator with a penalty.

to a break eloquently testified To advantage of Ukrainians also statistics of blows - 11-3. By the way, total: 16 (7 in an alignment) - 8 (1) in our advantage. the national team of Ukraine played

In the second half rationally, first of all having secured the gate. But also did not forget about offensive actions: one of the attacks came to the end with direct shot of the midfielder of Dynamo Georgy Tsitaishvili.

the Victory allowed the national team of Ukraine not only to get in elite round of ChE-2019 (U-19), but also to make it from the first place. It is a pity that not without loss what will be considered at "crops". But to us not to get used...

Albania - Norway - 0:1 (Botkheym, 31).

the Final table

I of V N P M About

1. UKRAINE 3 2 0 1 6-3 6

2. Norway 3 2 0 1 4-3 6

3. Slovakia 3 2 0 1 6-5 6

4. Albania 3 0 0 3 0-5 0

Group 2 (in Estonia). Finland - Denmark - 0:0. Italy - Estonia - 3:0. Denmark - Estonia - 3:0. Italy - Finland - 3:0. Estonia - Finland - 0:0. Denmark - Italy - <>
Italy - 9, Denmark - 4, Finland - 2, Estonia - <>
Group 7 (in Hungary). Austria - Kosovo - 0:0. Slovenia - Hungary - 1:2. Avstri



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