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Security officer? the oligarch I have told about work and the wildest whims of the employer

Security officer? the oligarch I have told about work and the wildest whims of the employer
Severe working everyday life. Whom you wouldn't work with

- the programmer or the doctor, for certain at you will be to steam of interesting sketches about the working everyday life. This story was published by Bored Panda in honor of the Labor Day, and than more it is read, especially strange she becomes. And the final and you will strike at all!

So, here his improbable recognition from the first person:

". . I work as the managing director, and in combination the head of the security service for wealthy family. This my second place of work. I have lost

of the First place as I was too young and inexperienced, and wasn't ready to some duties, especially to regular parties.

Ya I don't justify myself, but I spend within four walls the mansion much time. Therefore it has turned out so that on the former place of work I have accidentally damaged some things, including, apparently, very expensive furniture. Was not to hide damages therefore I have appeared in prison, and have taken away "weapon" from me.

But I have learned this lesson and I won't repeat this mistake. Now I seriously treat the duties.

Demand for my services is quite high therefore I have quickly received the new place, even despite prison term. Work is much more complex, than you think. I am responsible for patrol and survey of the house therefore has to guarantee that everything is quiet and to warn owners about any potential problems.

Ya also I help to adhere to the schedule in housekeeping, and I control awakening time, time of meal and withdrawal for sleeping.

Ya has received the room, free food and medical care that entirely suits me.

At family is a lot of money therefore they have a huge house with a set of rooms and cases which need to be examined. I patrol all rooms, opening all doors to be convinced that there are no problems with safety. You could think that the family facilitates my work, leaving doors opened, but isn't present. I have to open repeatedly them every day.

Is hard work. I have to grasp a corner of each door and pull it until she opens. But I do it with pleasure that they could be engaged in the life, without caring for the safety. I am responsible

After my morning patrol for that all have woken up and have gone down to a breakfast. You won't believe, this part of work is how difficult. Sometimes they shout?? or rush to me things. But I seriously treat the work therefore I just wait until they get out of a bed.

Ya has learned that each of them reacts to different strategy. The host wakes up, only if I sit down on edge of a bed, and I shout in all power of the lungs. the Hostess prefers

that I have drawn near closer and just looked at her. She shudders when she opens eyes and sees my person directly before herself. It is cheerful, and we always laugh together.

the Child wants that I gently and often touched his face until he wakes up. It is a little unusual, but each to their own.

They in general happen strange. Once I have sent



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