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Secrets of beauty of Indians from Aishwarya Rai

Thick black hair, cat's eyes and snow-white smile - beauty of the Indian women should admire. One of the brightest representatives of the nation is the actress Aishwarya Rai who celebrates on November 1 the 45th birthday. tells beauty about her secrets.

of Osnov of health and beauty of Indians are products which part only natural ingredients are. And they do many masks, creams and lotions independently at all.

Even Aishwarya Rai, despite the star status, in preparation of masks uses recipes of the grandmother. For example, for face care the actress uses yeast and yogurt, coconut oil perfectly feeds her hair and adds him gloss, and such spices as a turmeric and red pepper promogat her in fight against cellulitis.

It is no secret that the population of India in the majority is made by vegetarians. The vegetable menu - a usual thing for each Hindu and the Indian, and dairy products and fish dishes only addition to a habitual diet. The certain place on a table is taken by spices on which in India have a snack food. First, such snack perfectly disinfects an organism, and secondly - removes an unpleasant smell from a mouth. Besides, hot spices disperse metabolism that promotes burning of fatty deposits.

During the day is a lunch most dense meal. The breakfast and a dinner differ in ease and juiciness. If for lunch the Indian with pleasure eats a big plate of a curry, then for breakfast it will be only shoes with fruit, and for dinner - vegetables.

Water balance is what all watch in India. Aishwarya Rai begins the day with a glass of water with a lemon and honey, and during the day tries to drink not less than eight glasses. Tea and coffee don't enjoy at Hindus popularity because of high concentration of caffeine and hot weather.

Main - a full-fledged dream and stability in performance of daily rituals of beauty. Aishwarya makes thrifty use of herself therefore she tries to lay down and wake up at the same time. The model will never go to bed without having removed make-up and won't leave the house without having executed all rituals on care of face skin. The certain place in life of the actress is taken by massage, and feeling of harmony and tranquility - the most important in life of any Indian.

the Indian women know that any result demands time. Having this understanding the Indian won't run to the gym right after childbirth and won't refuse to herself sweet for breakfast. The feeling of love and care to itself is put at them genetically, and regular personal care - it is the daily work demanding time and attention.



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