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Sebastian Vettel: I don't love the word "celebrity"

Before a racing week-end in Spa Sebastian Vettel spoke about the hopes pinned on the second half of a season and has commented on latest news about shifts which will happen in teams next year.

Question: After the race you concede in Budapest to Lewis Hamilton 24 points, and at the same time you say that you are optimistic before the second half of a season...

Sebastian Vettel: Yes.

Question: And what moods you had in Spa a year ago when you were in the lead in the championship with advantage in 14 points?

Sebastian Vettel: Definitely I don't remember what I then told. But now for us it is important to show good speed. We know that we lag behind on points, but I don't think that the situation can't be broken. In the past I was also in more difficult circumstances and nevertheless I managed to achieve improvements. We for this purpose have a speed.

Question: Last year in Spa and Monza Mercedes has got victories, but you believe that this year everything will be in a different way?

Sebastian Vettel: I don't know yet. We will look. However, earlier our car not bad coped with routes, to some extent similar on these. As I have just told if we are fast everywhere, then we will try to achieve it.

Question: Whether it is possible to tell that after several years spent to Ferrari when the firmness of your character was checked there are all components now to enter fight for a champion title?

Sebastian Vettel: I hope! It is clear, that since that moment as I have joined this team, a lot of things have changed, it became stronger, rates of modernization of the car have grown, and now it is important to act steadily at the highest level really to apply for a victory in the championship.

Question: Whether you agree that in the first half of a season the Scuderia probably had some advantage in speed, however Mercedes managed to show results, even a little exceeding the level of their opportunities?

Sebastian Vettel: I don't know, in my opinion, there were races in which we surpassed them, but they were ahead of us in other cases for one reason or another. Therefore it is possible to tell that we are approximately equal on forces. I think, since the beginning of summer of Mercedes were most quicker, but is closer to an August break we have begun to catch up with them again. But I think that fight in the championship will continue till the end of a season, and there is a chance that we will be stronger.

Question: From outside it seems that the duel is conducted by two persons, very different in character. Lewis is the glamourous character from covers of glossy magazines, he constantly travels all over the world, and you - its complete antithesis. In what measure it is important for you that you were perceived more as athlete, but not as a celebrity?

Sebastian Vettel: Generally I don't have business before who as me perceives. I don't try to be a celebrity and I am proud of the fact that I am an athlete. If people pay attention to it - well. But everyone has a right to do everything that he wants. We with Lewis - quite different people, but пр



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