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Scientists: Wheat reduces cholesterol, and the wheat grass well influences women in a menopause

In a research which has been published in "The magazine of nutritional supplements" influence of a wheat grass on atherogenous lipoproteins, inflammation and symptoms of a menopause have been shown.

of the Research have shown that women with a giperlipidemiya can derive benefit from wheat grass additives (Triticum aestivum L.).

For a research scientists from the University of the Maharaja Sayadzhirao in Barodav (India) have invited 59 giperlipidemichesky women. They have divided participants into two groups: 30 of them were control group, and 29 - group of intervention.

the Group of intervention received 3,5 g of the lyophilized wheat powder in the encapsulated form daily within 10 weeks whereas the control group didn't receive any treatment.

Results have shown that at the women receiving wheat additive decrease in the general cholesterol by 5,4%, decrease in cholesterol of lipoproteins of the low density (LDL) by 4,4% and decrease in triglycerides by 9,5% was observed.

However the level of cholesterol of lipoproteins of the high density (HDL) has also decreased by six percent after 10 weeks treatment.

In comparison with control group levels of the general cholesterol, triglycerides and an apolipoprotein of B (Apo B) were much lower in group of treatment.

wheat grass Additive also improved menopause symptoms: light excitability and the increased irritability; oppression, memory easing; causeless concern, headaches and sleep disorders; lack of appetite, change of eating habits, disorders of intestines;" pains in heart and heartbeat attacks; the rushes of blood to the head which are followed by strong heat and face reddening which are replaced by a fever and cold then; short wind, noise in ears; change of a metabolism and in this regard change of weight - weight loss or the strengthened formation of fat. Results of a research show that addition of wheat in a dose of 3,5 g a day within 10 weeks causes considerable decrease in levels of the general cholesterol, triglycerides and Aro of B without considerable decrease in level of LPVP cholesterol.



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