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Scientists showed distinctions of a look during an orgasm in different cultures

The researchers headed by University of Glasgow considered looks both during an orgasm, and at pain in different cultures.

In a new research scientists studied looks which are observed at people during an orgasm - and, it seems, they strongly differ.

the Team compared observation data on looks in different cultures to data of researches of human perception.

to Forty observers from two different cultures, the Western (European) and East Asia, were shown the computer images of persons imitating various emotions.

asked Each observer a question whether they considered a look "pain" or "orgasm" and also intensity of expression, from "very weak" to "very strong".

Results showed that pain and an orgasm are physically various in each culture.

In the research published in PNAS, researchers led by doctor Chaona Chen wrote: "We found out that mental representations of mimic expressions of extreme negative and positive conditions of physical pain and an orgasm are various in two different cultures".

Is interesting that a facial expression at pain were identical in different cultures, but the difference in a look during an orgasm, was distinct.

Representatives of the western culture at the time of an orgasm widely open eyes and slightly open a mouth while people from the countries of east Asia, on the contrary, purse lips and stretch them in a weak smile.

Painful feelings are displayed on the face of Europeans and Asians absolutely equally: the lowered eyebrows, the wrinkled nose and a little blinked eyes at the expense of tension of the top part of cheeks. Researchers added

: "Our results also emphasize the potential role of cultural and perceptual factors in formation of mental representation of these looks".



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