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Scientists have told, than the dream not in complete darkness is dangerous

The risk of development of cardiovascular and oncological diseases increases at people who sleep not in complete darkness, besides, problems with health can arise at those who get up till the sunrise, the experts interviewed by RIA Novosti have reported.

"Now more and more data appears that there is rather accurate communication between excess illumination, first of all, of course, in the large cities, and risk of development of these or those diseases, first of all it is about cardiovascular and oncological", - the head of the center of medicine of a dream of Lomonosov Moscow State University, the cardiologist, the somnologist, the candidate of medical sciences Alexander Kalinkin has told.

He has explained that light is the main regulator of production of hormone of melatonin which gives a signal to each cage of an organism that there has come night. Each cage, according to the expert, contains the hours which work on own dial, that is the recurrence of work of some processes differs from a 24-hour cycle, and melatonin gives the command for regulation of this cycle.

"Changes not only work of functional systems - cardiovascular, respiratory and so on and also the activity of a genome when we sleep changes, the activity of certain genes changes. Therefore if light is superfluous, and in the evening we use bright lighting, computers, gadgets, it shifts a phase of production of melatonin later hours, respectively causes in the person of a problem with a dream", - Kalinkin has specified. To wake up after sunrise In turn, the chief researcher of Institute of environmental problems and evolution of A.N. Severtsov RAHN, the Dr.Sci.Biol. Vladimir Kovalzon has reported that many researches show if people get up after dark, then they increase probability of violation of immunity and developing of a depression.

"A problem that we live in such temporary mode when already now school students and many working get up till the sunrise, and are arranged we so that we need to get up after sunrise that it already shone because sunlight restarts our biological clock", - Kovalzon has told.

He has explained that electric light strongly differs from solar and has no ability to restart biological clock.

"Biological clock are adjusted at most of people not for 24 hours, and on 25, and every morning we need to bring kind of arrows to go to a rhythm when we curtains open sunlight, very bright, restarts biological clock, and we then throw a switch in normal time", - Kovalzon has told. Night work threatens with oncology Even more hazardous to health experts call work at night. As the manager of office of medicine of a dream of the First MGMU of Sechenov Mikhail Poluektov has said, replacement of a dream with any type of wakefulness contradicts operation of the inner clock of a human body.

"Irrespective of, are wanted by us or don't want to sleep, cages of our organism in the dark pass into the night mode, it copes to a geneticha



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