Date: 5 months ago   Category: Health

Scientists have found the department of a brain which is responsible for magic abilities

Researchers have found a part of a brain which is responsible for paranormal opportunities of the person.

Authors of a research became scientists from Yale University. According to them, they have found department of a brain which directs magic abilities.

Experiment was made on 27 people. All investigated were completely healthy people: both mentally, and physically. Scientists have suggested participants of an experiment to remember any history from their life which seems to them mystical.

as a result have been collected by scientists 27 mystical stories. After that to each participant these stories have been reproduced: the female voice charged extra history to the same person who also has told it. Thus, scientists tried to ship people in the past. By means of magnetic resonance imaging they monitored the processes happening in a brain of examinees.

Having analysed the given MRT, experts have noticed that parietal bark of a brain was the most active during listening of the mystical story. Till this time was considered that this share of a brain is responsible for perception and the analysis of space.

Researchers report that their opening will allow to understand better human neurology and to understand the mechanisms defining mental health.

in the future scientists plan to make a similar experiment, but already with a large number of the studied people.



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