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Scientists have found out why people talk in a dream

The Sleep magazine has published the report of the scientists from France investigating a night talk of the sleeping people transfers Today. Experts claim

: a talk in a dream has mainly aggressive character that, according to them, is reflection of the hidden emotional problems.

the Group of experts of several scientific centers has invited for participation in an experiment 232 persons of different age and a floor. For several nights scientists watched closely that as as their examinees talked in sleep. In general they have heard nearly 3,5 thousand words.

according to researchers, a talk in a dream have been connected by the most part with negative experiences and found expression in verbal aggression. Polite words were pronounced sleeping very seldom - mainly, in a talk in a dream people clashed with someone. At the same time, as it has become clear, sleeping said aloud what in usual life was tried not to be said. Up to 10% of phrases of volunteers contained dirty curses.

"In a dream offensive language and verbal aggression are said much more freely, than during wakefulness", - authors of the project have noted. Also scientists watched

that in a dream people behaved as interlocutors, that is, not just pronounced words, but also did pauses as though at this moment the floor was taken by someone else. According to experts, similar behavior - sign of actively working brain.

As for verbal aggression at sleeping, in her occasion researchers have assumed the following: "Rigid, the character of a talk in a dream can be reflection of the true negative feelings which for some reason have remained hidden, not stated aloud".



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