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Scientists found the most ancient beings of the planet: lived in the okena 2 billion years ago

Paleontologists found in Gabon remains of the most ancient multicellular living beings living in the seas about 2.1 billion years ago

"Approximately in the same time there was one of the major events in the history of Earth, Great oxygen accident. We argue long ago on whether they are connected among themselves. Our fossils, despite divergences with data of geneticists, can speak well for similar communication", - write Donald Canfield from the Center of studying of evolution of Earth to Odense (Denmark) and his colleagues.

Today scientists consider that life could appear on Earth already three billion years ago, however she spent the first 2.5 billion years of the existence only in a monocelled form. The first multicellular beings presumably appeared only 600-650 million years ago, during the Ediacaran Period, and about their life, thanks to almost total absence of their remains, we almost know nothing.

these representations began to be exposed Recently doubts. For example, a year ago scientists found in China extremely unusual deposits of "coal" in which prints potentially of the first multicellular living beings inhabiting primary ocean of Earth about 1.5 billion years ago remained.

of Canfield and his colleague removed this date approximately for 600 million years ago in the past, analyzing the unusual structures found in the breeds of the Paleoproterozoic Era created in the neighborhood of the city of Fransvill about 2.1 billion years ago.

These deposits as Canfield notes, drew attention of public about six years ago when his colleague from the university Poitier found a set of the fancy structures similar to prints of bodies of multicellular animals here.

Is opening caused a lot of a controversy. A part of colleagues considered finds of the French paleontologists traces of "usual" bacterial colonies of an unusual form, and others in general denied their organic origin, writing off them for deposits of pyrite, compound of sulfur and iron. And those, and other sceptics noted that "gabonobiot" as it was called by pioneers, did not leave any physical and evolutionary marks, having completely disappeared during the subsequent eras. Similar claims did not stop scientists, and they continued to conduct excavation in the territory of Gabon. For the next years they found several new prints of various presumably "multicellular" beings similar in a form to threads and foliate structures.

to Kenfield and its colleagues smiled Two years ago good luck - they managed to find not only eight dozens fossilized remains of "gabonobiota", but traces of their movements on the bacterial "blankets" covering then a bottom of shallow water in primary ocean of Earth.

Having studied their structure and the chemical composition, scientists proved that foliate fossils really comprise traces of organic chemistry and the substances characteristic for эукариот, multicellular inhabitants of Earth. In addition, part of them did not contain sulfur that disproved a position of one of groups of sceptics.

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