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Scientists called products which are more harmful than some sugar

All of us know much about harm of sugar: he reduces immunity, leads to obesity, negatively influences heart and reduces production of collagen that leads to emergence of wrinkles.

However nutritionists warn: there are products which can cause even a bigger loss to health. It is better to exclude them completely from the diet (or, at least, to use in very small amounts), tells.

"Aspartame (as well as other sweeteners) not only slows down weight loss process, but also ruthlessly conducts to a set of weight - the nutritionist Brook Alpert tells. - Your brain doesn't receive a signal that the thirst for sweet is satisfied and that you were sated therefore you continue to eat - and you eat more, than you would eat if you used usual sugar. Plus aspartame breaks digestion of fats in an organism and also interferes with natural production of hormones of a leptin (is responsible for sense of fulness) and insulin (controls glucose level in blood)".

the Processed
Meat - a useful and nutritious product that can't be told about the processed meat. Including sausages, bacon and other sausages in the diet, you risk to get various diseases, including diabetes and obesity.

of Prichin is that they contain a large number of a glutamate hazardous to health of sodium - they are obliged to him by pleasant taste. Besides, nutritionists advise to avoid any cheap meat, especially if you don't know precisely from where it has undertaken and in what conditions it was made.

the Hydrogenated
vegetable oils
Hydrogenated (that is turned into solid fat) rape, soy, saflorovy, sunflower and corn oils - one of the most dangerous products in the market, nutritionists consider. First, many calories, and secondly, they contain a large amount of transfats in them. The last increase the level of so-called "bad cholesterol" (LDL) in an organism and reduce the level of "good cholesterol" (LPVP). It is very difficult to our organism to acquire such oils: in the course of digestion they are split on toxic substances, and because of them we risk to get cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes and problems with immunity. So hurry up to follow the example of adherents of ZOZh - they have passed to useful oils for a long time - for example, coconut.

Sparkling water
"Carbonated drinks strengthen feeling of hunger, cause thirst for sweet and as a result force to consume more calories, than it is necessary for an organism, - Alpert tells. - All this can lead to diabetes, and the high-fructose corn syrup which is contained in sparkling water, - to cause problems with processing of fats in a liver and to lead to a hepatic steatoz (not alcoholic obesity of a liver)".

of Transzhira
"Transzhira turn out as a result of addition of hydrogen in vegetable oils - as a result they harden and turn into very cheap and available raw materials, - Alpert explains. - Transfats use by production of the same fast-



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