Date: 8 months ago   Category: Health

Scientists called fat-burning products

That who suffers from excess weight scientists recommend to pay attention to the green tea rich in the catechins increasing metabolism.

Should be included also in a diet a salmon who contains the fatty acids which are positively influencing an organism an omega-3.

will also be suitable For weight loss apples and pears which have the flavonida promoting combustion of fat in structure.

To everything, experts recommend to eat the flax seeds rich in lignana.

Still experts mention cherries which show the high level of hormone of the melatonin promoting a healthy sleep in the recommendations. Scientists are sure that the good dream enhances efficiency of a diet.

Besides, nutritionists speak about the crude rice and also about onions and garlic which contain аллицин, the process of accumulation of fat in an organism allowing to control.

Fat-burning properties possess also seaweed and also a turmeric and hot pepper.

Nutritionists note that for efficiency the use of these products should be combined with regular physical exercises, tells



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