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Scientific fact: Children with the big heads it is really cleverer

The big head - high IQ.

the heads, Newborn with a circle, is higher than an average much more cleverly than babies at whom the head at the birth has the normal size, writes Es Trending. It was proved by scientists from Great Britain, to Germany and the USA.

Experts have analysed medical records and genetic material about 100000 people from 37 to 73 years. Researchers looked for interrelation between genes, IQ and the general state of health of people.

Has turned out that the more the head of the child at the birth, the higher him I.Q.

According to data of a research, skulls, newborn with a circle, from 31,75 cm and up to 35,56 cm at mature age had the best cognitive skills, than babies with a skull circle lower than 31 cm
at the same time, certainly, are about children without congenital pathologies.

according to professor of University of Edinburgh Ayan Dori, exists direct link at the genetic level between mental capacities and desire to study with a size of a brain and skull, and even a shape of a body.

Fortunately for many of us, diameter of the head of the newborn averages 36 cm at boys and girls have 35 cm.

What do you think of such conclusions of scientists? Write in comments.

of Lazarenko Yuli.



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