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Schools and kindergartens will forbid Wi-Fi: decision details

Numerous researches which revealed interrelation between smartphones and other electronic gadgets and a number of pathologies pushed in Europe to cardinal decisions to introduce restrictions for use of these devices in educational institutions.

B 2015 in France the law on the ban of Wi-fi in kindergartens was adopted. This law also includes point in which it is told that Wi-Fi has to be turned off surely at elementary schools. All connections with the Internet have to be wire, transfers

Even needs to specify in advertizing that use of a font for calls is much safer because of reduction of influence of pernicious radiation by a brain. Also in France advertizing should not be designed for younger users of devices.

And such restrictions in France extend not only to children. In most libraries and the universities of Paris all networks of wireless connection are disconnected and dismantled at present. Also from forbade in a number of state institutions.

already hold Similar preventive events in some other the European countries: in Belgium, Australia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Finland. Recently resorted to such measures also in India.

the Radiated waves from our devices provoke cancer and other serious diseases. Especially strongly this radiation affects a children's organism. As it became clear, marrow of the child absorbs the radiated radiation 10 times more active, than the adult's brain.

our devices radiate microwave radiation which is called a radio emission.

of the Consequence of such radiation:

of violation of work of reproductive system;

failures of immune system;

synthesis of stressful proteins in a brain;

of violation of memory and dream;

the increased risk of developing of a tumor of a brain;

gaps in DNA and many others. Scientists say


"If to continue to wait for more convincing scientific and clinical proofs before taking necessary measures, means to suffer extremely high human and economic losses as was in a case with asbestos, ethylated gasoline and tobacco".

All above-mentioned consequences arise at radiation level which is one hundred times less than the admissible international standard. And all these sources of radiation in open access are on sale worldwide.

by results of researches was proved that at long influence of such type of radiation in a brain dies off a set of cages which are responsible for training and memory.

Also at the cellular radiation in close proximity to a brain for only 50 minutes occurs increase in level of glucose in the irradiated part of a brain.

the Conducted researches showed that 3G and 4G connections change electric activity of a brain too.

Radiation breaks reproductive function of an organism, badly affects memory and cognitive abilities of a brain, causes headaches, a stress, insomnia, children begin to behave badly, ooh



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