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School - not the place for discussions? What teach at social science lessons in Russia to

To make of the school student of the competent citizen and the patriot - such is the official purpose of classes in social science. As it looks in practice, Ilya Kosygin - on the example of Vladimir understood.

"Was not any practice, only one theory. The only task of the teacher - to enclose in the child's head what is in the textbook". Ivan Tumanov graduated from the 32nd school of the city of Vladimira where he for many years profoundly studied social science - he was always interested in social sciences. Now Ivan studies on the second year of the Vladimir legal institute.

However many schoolmates of Ivan went on this course not behind knowledge. "At us most of children went to hand over social science just because it was necessary to hand over something", - future lawyer says, meaning SFE examinations in the 9th class and the USE in the 11th.

"Learning of paragraphs" At the Russian schools teach social science to

from the 5th class. On studying of this obligatory subject one hour a week is usually allotted. According to what textbooks each school decides to teach, as a rule, independently - the choice is. A set of textbooks under L.N. Bogolyubov's edition is considered standard.

In the latest edition of the textbook for the 10th class is said that the course is designed to help pupils to become "the competent people capable to develop and defend own civic stand, competently and responsibly to solve public and personal problems". the Pupil of the 49th school of Vladimir Danila Belyakov chose by

social science because he is in policy actively interested. Despite the early age, since 2017 he participates in protest actions of supporters of Alexei Navalny. with

However it, as well as Ivan Tumanov, social science lessons disappointed in school. "Generally our lessons are simply directed to learning of paragraphs, the main thing that the pupil received assessment, - the teenager says. - It is interesting to anybody to bring up in the citizen's person".

Russia is the democratic country?

"The task was set for us: at the exit there has to be a competent citizen and the patriot", - Evgeny Dyomin says. It since 1996 works as the teacher of history and social science at the 29th school of Vladimir.

"Children, in particular, have to understand the mechanism of work of the government, the regional authorities, local governments, - the teacher tells. - We speak about political system, we study typology of political regimes, we say about how political process in modern democratic society is carried out, - the teacher explains. - The Constitution is rather in detail studied".

as an example of the democratic state in the textbook is called also the Russian Federation.

Much depends on the teacher
In general discussions at social science lessons at Ivan's school were not welcomed. There were even cases, he when the teacher derided pupils for own views remembers: "She said: "Here look at it, he is wrong". Also remembered all your last flaws to show that this guy



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