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Scandalous the SSU-shnik could not justify itself in mova for acquired by back-breaking toil

The deputy head of Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, former Crimean the SSU-shnik Sergey Semochko who refused to support the Russian spring appeared on air of the pro-presidential channel of "Straight line" to justify oneself concerning the data which appeared in media that his family owns the elite real estate for 200 million hryvnias, and relatives received passports of "country aggressor". However during the performance Semochko passed to Russian, having explained that it is inconvenient to it to reason the position in mova.

the Anchorman Alexander Mamay reminded that Semochko was accused of illegal enrichment and also that the SSU-shnik and members of his family have the Russian citizenship.

"All my income kopek to kopek are brought in the declaration, and I am ready to give the detailed account", - he assured, having added that family members lived in the Crimea and got under "total certification of Putin".

"Regarding nationality of Crimeans: it is necessary to remember that about 2 million citizens of Ukraine who as of 2014 lived in the Crimea fell a victim of total automatic certification of all Crimeans by Putin. Many of them were forced to obey the occupational mode. But it is not my case. I am a citizen of Ukraine, and my family on a constant basis lives in Ukraine. Tatyana Lysenko to whom we are married before God and we bring up the child, is also a citizen of Ukraine", - Semochko said, showing the passport of the wife.

the SSU-shnik apologized after that to the leader and passed to Russian, having explained that it thinks in Russian, and therefore it is easier to adduce arguments to it in the native language. Telling

about the income, Semochko said that except office, it has no cars.

"Now I move on the car which is registered on balance of Foreign Intelligence Service and which is operated by the personnel staff of service. It is not my private car", - he commented. Continuing by

a subject about allegedly Russian citizenship, Semochko reported the following:

"The Russian identification numbers were assigned to all citizens. I will not be surprised if tomorrow on my surname suddenly there is a written-out passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. For intelligence agencies of the Russian Federation to make it - on "time, two, three". But I from it did not become the citizen of the Russian Federation, I once again repeat: "I am a citizen of Ukraine, and I not for this purpose left the Crimea with the children", - Semochko assured.




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