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Savchenko and Rubana released from prison (Video)

On Monday night, on April 16, at Savchenko and Ruban the next term of contents them under arrest expired. the Brovarsky gorrayonny court on Monday night, on April 16, decided to release

from custody the People's Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko and the ex-head of the Center of release of prisoners "The officer case" Vladimir Ruban.

At midnight expired the next term of contents them under arrest. The court did not manage to consider the petition of prosecutor's office about arrest extensions in time therefore defendants were released. The judgment in the conference hall was met by an applause. "I leave this hall as the free person. I returned myself will and I will fight for Ukraine", - Savchenko said. Earlier, the businessman and the politician Gennady Korban supported Vladimir Ruban, having called him the self-sacrificing pro of the business: "Perhaps I will be not popular, however, in the sphere of the future change of elite, at the moment, I am disturbed by only one question - the fate of Vladimir Ruban who together with Nadezhda Savchenko is held in the pre-trial detention center on the business inspired by the power.

Today important day. To them will try to prolong a measure of restraint, on actually trumped-up case.

Is possible in what that they violated the law. But it was the investigation of a mean trap which was placed by the power.

Ya is a little familiar with Savchenko, but is grateful for support in due time. I am sure that it needs just serious rehabilitation after the Russian prison. And therefore, charges that Ruban and Savchenko planned to overthrow the power and to arrange bloody terror in the center of Kiev, look nikchemno and absurdly. I as nobody else I know, who such Vladimir Ruban. Because passed with him together the 2014-15th year. Ruban the self-sacrificing pro of the business who saved thousands of people from captivity. Strange, original, unclear. But he managed to organize the officer case.

to Such analog of "blue helmets". He literally risked the fate of own son, leaving it at times as a deposit to Bezler and other collaborators as a guarantee of exchange of prisoners.

the Volunteers working with Ruban in OK took out thousands of remains of the Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers... These examples can be listed infinitely, but especially I want to stop on one sign case.

In the 2014th year in the Dnipropetrovsk administration handled the World Jewish organization "Dzhoynt" together with rabbis of Donetsk and Dnieper a request to evacuate from Donetsk and Horlivka in the middle of military operations about 150 people of the Jewish nationality - people of different age. As they were threatened by hypothetical danger from the Russian invaders.

I then Dneproda together with Ruban and his people developed special operation "Outcome" - under cover. The commander of the district general Homchak was put in a business course.

Was stopped fire from two parties. Refugees, old men and children, took out directly from the center of Donetsk and transferred to hands of the Jewish community of Dnieper on arrival. There were tears, happiness and immense gratitude.

And so, I have a question?! Bloody terror you tell

?! In



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