Date: 5 months ago   Category: Auto

Santa Claus or Mamon: In social networks think out the name of the new SUV of Hyundai

The Hyundai company hasn't managed to decide on release of new model yet as she was already christened "Mammon".

The day before in Hyundai have told about possible release of the new big SUV. At world car market the model has to compete with the known Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser 200 car.

Should noting that no information on future novelty knows. It is supposed that its length will be more than 5 meters. Also in network already call future car "murderer" of Toyota Land Cruiser 200. It is expected that the cost of "Korean" will be below the Japanese cult SUV.

On social network Instagram users with sense of humour have undertaken to think out a name for new model. In one of thematic accounts there were a photo of Land Cruiser under which in comments motorists put forward the versions of the name of his "murderer".

"Will call Hyundai Kukuruzer", - one of commentators has written. "Aha, Hyundai Santa Claus", - other motorist has expressed the opinion.

have Also followed such offers as Hyundai Cruisaris, Hyundai Cruzata, Hyundai Grand Fail, Hyundai Mamon and Hyundai Serega. Besides, in comments one of users has expressed doubt concerning release of model.

"All this rumors which yet are proved by nothing at all... Let at first Palisayd will complete, 8-seater", - the motorist has commented on a situation.

To be fair should noting that development of the new big SUV didn't start yet.



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