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Salenko - about matches of Ukraine in the League of Nations: It is pure luck

The soccer national team of Ukraine has pleased the fans, having headed standings in group 1B of the League of Nations, having beaten teams of the Czech Republic (2:1) and Slovakia (1:0).

Result and play of the team for was commented by the ex-player of Kiev Dynamo and some other teams, the top scorer of the World Cup of 1994, the football expert Oleg Salenko.

- the Main thing is a result, two victories. - the owner of "A gold boot"-1994 considers. - But there isn't enough after all game brightness in the attack, the moments created a little though a game in a pass turns out not bad. But compensated it by good luck. The second goal in gate of Czechs in the compensated time is a pure luck. And a penalty from Yarmolenko? The goalkeeper has already dragged a ball, but he has flown in a grid nevertheless.

On a game is where to grow. To leaders, the same Yarmolenko and the Common linnet, it is obviously necessary to add because it is visible: they lack game practice yet.

- In your opinion, they remain leaders of the national team, on the game indicators? The common linnet in both matches was replaced, Yarmolenko hasn't finished the first duel up to the end too.

- But should have meant also the second match, so? It was visible that on two games in a row for so much short term they won't sustain. But their high level hasn't got to anywhere. Disturbs me more that players of Dynamo weren't in starting lineup (only Wish-wash in the second match), and they came only for replacements.

- Have been surprised to it?

- Of course. Such big advance payments were issued to a number of players, the same Tsygankov. I consider, it is time to become to him the leader in club and after this, and in the national team.

- So, the same Tsygankov has applied a leg to both winning goals: I have helped to kill Zinchenko in the first game, I have earned a penalty in the second.

- So, it from them was also required. They have a quite good level (let Zinchenko play also a little), and Tsygankov has good practice in Dynamo. It would be desirable more stability from them.

- Slovaks were dissatisfied with appointment of penalty in their gate. In your opinion, how ex-forward, the judge correctly appointed a penalty kick?

- I Think, 50 on 50 - to the discretion of the judge. Tsygankov correctly did everything: he was slightly pushed - he has fallen, has seized the moment. Too it is necessary to be able to do it.

- Czech Republic national team after defeat from Ukraine in the League of Nations, has been crushed by Russia (1:5) then their trainer Carel Jarolim has been dismissed. Saw that match? And what conclusion can be drawn: it is the national team of Ukraine which has beaten them on a visit I am so cool, or the present Czech Republic is simply weak?

- Watched the review. It is necessary to tell, as Russia now on the run after World Cup 2018 quarterfinal. And the team played at them. Czechs, it seems to me, haven't really seriously treated the League of Nations for what the trainer also has paid with the place.

- As to you Roman Yaremchuk's debut in the national team? This is that forward who is necessary?

- I saw it in matches for Belgian Ghent not so much, but in the national team, is noticeable that he lacks teamwork. Though tries to cling to a ball, but it is necessary for the forward nevertheless more sharply in the penal platform



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