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Saakashvili expelled from Ukraine threatens to shake Georgia

The runaway Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili expelled from Ukraine switched to the homeland again, expecting to provoke a political crisis, early elections and to provide return to Tbilisi.

read Such plans of Saakashvili the day before during the meeting with the Georgian diaspora in the Belgian Liege, the correspondent of Politnavigator with reference to Nezavisimaya Gazeta tells. Shortly before it the runaway ex-president of Georgia already brought together by

the few supporters in Philadelphia.

As reports the edition, during the Belgian presentation of the people gathered a little more, but there were also Saakashvili's opponents who unsuccessfully tried to get on an action.

Being present the ex-president presented the action plan of the movement "Together Home" which sense is return of emigrants to Georgia, and Saakashvili - in the power of this country.

"We have to save Georgia from the dragon who sat down there!", - Saakashvili said, meaning the present shadow "owner of Georgia" billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili.

A in an interview of the Russian editorial office "Deutsche Welle" of Saakashvili explained that his colleagues will try to obtain early parliamentary elections in Georgia: "I think that this year we will achieve early parliamentary elections in Georgia. Yes, they do not want, but they should be forced. Do not want - we will force, do not know how to organize - we will teach. Electronic vote, any majority districts where some oligarchs local win. No, party elections". Grigol Vashadze, the colleague Saakashvili who lost presidential elections in 2018 gave to

an interview to the Ukrainian Krym project where called the benefit that the West "drags by the scruff" Georgia in NATO and the EU.

"It is necessary to work with the international community because it is absolutely revolted with that horror, lawlessness which they saw about time of presidential elections more. Georgia now any not a support of democracy in South Caucasus. We, unfortunately, were rolled away far back. NDI, IRI and OSCE is said about it in the report. Without saying about what the international observers told in private conversations - their responses in private conversations much surpass in severity what is said by political language in the reports", - Vashadze told.

according to him, the West is forced "to drag by the scruff" Georgia to democracy and membership in NATO and the EU though she needs it first of all.

"When our main allies are nearly forced to drag by the scruff you there where you have to run for the sake of the children and grandsons, this run distances our main foreign policy reference points - full membership in NATO and the EU. How do I have to admit you to these democratic clubs of the most civilized and advanced, successful nations on Earth when you do not wish to do what you have to do that you lived in free society? No Brussels and Washington will help you if you do not help yourself", - Vashadze told.

Official Tbilisi the ex-president frostily comments on meetings of supporters



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