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"Rusts instantly": The owner of Geely Emgrand shared impressions of operation of a car

The owner of Geely Emgrand of 2013 of release in detail told at one of the automobile forums which are what happened to "Chinese" in two years of operation.

Bought second-hand Geely Emgrand the author only a few years ago. The car is equipped with the 1.8-liter engine together with a variator, and it at the moment passed 75,000 km - though the user shared suspicion that the run, most likely, is winded.

the weakest point of Geely Emgrand is a paint and varnish coating, too quickly it rusts. As the owner told, rust appeared on a back wing, from an internal part of a door below, over a threshold, at back numbers - any is exposed to corrosion, even the smallest chip. And chips appear too very easily - all cowl of "Chinese" is covered with them.

As for salon, its leather finishing wore out a little, but, according to the author, it was that and before purchase. In general the car cozy, capacious - the producer says it as the D-class car. The owner noted that with growth in 178 cm it is very comfortable to it to take place on a back seat, before knees there is a place. And there is no heating of seats, besides that finishing leather, and in the winter "the soft place" can freeze slightly. Though climate control in a car is available, and in salon is not cold. To music lovers the owner of "Chinese" advised to change columns because of bad sound quality of the audio system.

the Owner told that in a year he managed to change the stupichny bearing, engine support as vibration and also front brake shoes began. Also the author advised to pay attention to diameter of a rod of the shock-absorber when replacing a rear suspension - in old it equals 10 mm, and new produce 12 mm and if not to find suitable, then it is necessary to change everything together with a support and a washer. Still the author writes that he spent for replacement of oil already nearly 12,000 rubles. the owner of Geely Emgrand buys

of the Spare part Chinese, original, but to all who are not happy with their quality, recommended to get the Korean analogs or details from Toyota.

the Author summed up the response the fact that the car pleases him, is brought without problems even to frosts, goes softly, fuel spends moderately - about 6 liters.

in reply other users doubted that with such quantity of shortcomings the car is really assembled in China: "I work on the Chinese dump truck if assembly - China, then the quality is. And if collected in the CIS, means wait for surprises".



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