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Russian national team - the champion of Europe in motoball of 2018!

Russian national team has won a convincing victory in the motoball 2018 European championship which has taken place to Kovrov from August 6 to August 12. without having lost to

any game, in the final the Russian athletes have battled against the French, having won against them with the score 5:0. By the way, it is already the third in a row victory of Russians in this series.

the Bronze prize-winner became the guys from Germany who have won against Belarusians 14:2. Next year Germans should host the motoball European championship.

of Video of the final Russia-Germany:

In parallel with the main competitions in Kovrov played games of the first junior European championship on motoball 2018. National teams of France, Germany, Belarus and Russia have taken part in them.

the Russian young motobolist have won against German national team with the score 5:1 a final, having won the European cup. Juniors from France became bronze prize-winners.




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