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Russia will take away from Crimeans of the earth for the sake of new building: what was conceived by invaders

"Government" of Sevastopol in the annexed Crimea approved on June 17 the order about withdrawal of nearly 30 land plots for construction of the route "Taurida".

"The draft of the order about withdrawal for the state needs of the city of Sevastopol of the land plots and real estate objects for construction of a linear object "Construction and reconstruction of the highway of the eighth stage of the route "Taurida". It is offered to withdrawal of 28 land plots on which 37 real estate objects are located", - it is told the text.

the Project is presented by "the department director of the property and land relations" Rustem Zaynullin.

It said that adoption of the order will allow "to start process of market assessment of this earth then her owners will receive from executive authorities of the agreement for signing".

"If does not suit cost, then legal proceedings will join", - he told.

Zaynullin added that now owners of other land plots as everything for construction want to withdraw about 70 land plots completely come to light. at the same time about owners 38 of them invaders have information of no

because it is absent in the Unified state register of the real estate.

Sites are located including near streets Chernorechensky, Sapungorsky, Oil, in Inkerman, the settlement the Sugar Head, garden association "Victoria", "Rubin", "Ikar-1". we Will remind

, the planned extent of the highway "Taurida" - 250.75 km. She unites to Krymsky Bridge between the Crimea and Kuban (an exit at Kerch). The construction of the route is planned to be completed by the end of 2022.



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