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Russia and two more countries will stage military exercises with feigning nuclear attack

Russia, China and Mongolia plan to stage from September 11 to September 15 large-scale military exercises "East-18". According to officials of the USA, these doctrines will include feigning nuclear attack.

As has informed the Chinese Defense Ministry, for participation in doctrines the country will send to Russia more than 3 thousand 200 soldiers and 900 units of the military equipment and also 30 planes.

We urge Russia to take steps to provide information concerning these doctrines and operations in Europe, accurately to explain intentions and to minimize risks of emergence of misunderstanding,

- the representative of the Pentagon Eric Pagon has noted, answering a question of "East-18".

will also for the first time be involved In these military exercises Mongolia. This country was an ally of the USSR in the 1990th, but recently tried to construct the relations with the USA in spite of the fact that the country is geographically located between Russia and China.

As was told to the The Washington Free Beacon edition by the official of the Pentagon, the American intelligence services will attentively watch doctrines, it is expected that will be carried out simulation of use of nuclear weapon.

"Is their strategic message", - the official of the Ministry of Defence of the USA has told about China and Russia.

"Within nearly 20 years on the exercises "East" Russia fulfilled the new doctrine of "escalation for the sake of a de-escalation" with use of new low-power nuclear weapon which the artillery can start generally", - the chief researcher of analytical center International Assessment and Strategy Center Rick Fischer has said.

the Edition also notes that the Pentagon is very concerned by the new doctrine of Russia from fast escalation of future conflicts with use of nuclear weapon after the beginning of military operations.



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