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Rummenigge: All of us are interested in fascinating Bundesliga

Next day after the victory of Bavaria over Hoffenheim the chairman of the board Rekordmaystera Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has shared the impressions of a match with

- the first 45 minutes our team showed magnificent soccer. To a break we absolutely deservedly conducted in the account. Nevertheless, after a foul on Kingsley Koman our mechanism has clogged. It is obvious that our team has been a little shocked with this rigid foul. But as a result we have absolutely deservedly won. For 90 minutes we were the best, more active team.

- As feels Kingsley Koman?

- He feels severe pains. Tomorrow operation on the damaged sindesmoz is necessary to him, he has left for a long time. All of us wish him fast and successful recovery. We will support him very much.

- the Head coach of Hoffenheim Yulian Nagelsmann before a match has said that the purpose of his team a victory in the championship.

- in general I positively estimate such confidence in the forces. All of us are interested in fascinating Bundesliga. The soccer is emotional sport, the heat is very important here. In our interests that in Bundesliga there was an interesting fight. But if the statements of the manager of Hoffenheim Alexander Rosen and Yulian Nagelsmann lead to such behavior against our team what we saw yesterday, then it has nothing in common with a fair play.

- you think of certain episodes?

- Especially in the first half football players of Hoffenheim worked very rigidly. On Thiago, Koman and Ribéry constantly fouled to spoil our movement. It was the soccer in style of the Wild West. As a result one of the best football players in the field is traumatized and is forced to leave the field. In this case I can tell only one: not all means for achievement of the goal can be justified. This excessive rigidity has nothing in common with courage.

- After the match was a lot of talk on the system of video reviews.

- in general I am a big supporter of VAR. This system does matches by more honest. But I make an impression that the German football union at introduction of this system have to lean on professional structures. Two years go work on this subject, and still everything works not as it would be desirable. All this leads to discussions and criticism. Judges are left in this situation to the mercy of fate.

- What you would offer?

- Has to be created special group which will watch that work was performed professionally. Introduction of experts and special balls is necessary. During the World Cup in Russia all saw as the system of video reviews can well work.



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