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RSBK: Yakhnich Q-Team Junior - your first grown-up champion

On Saturday, August 18 on Moscow Raceway the RSBK championship has come to the end. Following the results of a season in the class Superstock 600 the convincing victory was won by the pilot of Yakhnich Q-Team Junior Artem Marayev, and the second place with a huge separation from persecutors was taken by his workmate, Sasha Vasilyev.

Marayev and Vasilyev - two pupils of Q-team and pilots of the program of development of Yakhnich Motorsport (YakhnichAthlete). Both have begun to be engaged in ring motorcycle races 2-3 seasons back, mainly on the track days TrackRaceDays on Moscow Raceway as in Russia there were no opportunities for 12-13-year-old guys to come to a racing track in official competitions. The only competitions where they could develop - semi-amateur races on pitas bikes.

But this year both racers of Q-team have reached age of 15 years and now apply for a fight with the serious rivals twice surpassing them in age and experience. But on speed - no! In 2018 the team has entered the ADAC Junior CUP championship, the informal European championship among juniors where all pilots go on identical KTM RC390. From the first race Marayev has joined in fight for a title. It is a series only at the moment where both juniors of Yakhnich can perform as equals with peers - the same hot and ambitious juniors, and this school has yielded the result: having changed on 600-vat Yamaha Q-team, Artem and Sasha in Russia inaccessibilities for rivals now.

the Ex-pilot of the championship of Russia on ShKMG, Artem's father - Nikolay Marayev is sure that it is only the first, small step in the future: "Of course, I am glad, happy. But it is sure that it is the first, but intermediate result, among big, high! he said.

Artem after the finish looked joyful, but slightly embarrassed - at that time he hasn't understood yet that he became a champion - for the first time in the career: "I am always glad to a victory. On the last circle thoughts have already flashed that the champion. I have thought and has right there forgotten because there was no special fight, it wasn't necessary to think of it. There would be a fight, there would be a joy... he said.

the Victory has come surprisingly easily? OK, we will complicate a task next year!

B 2019 the Yakhnich Q-team Junior team is going to take two important steps forward: in Russia to declare pilots in the class Supersport (if it is possible to agree with MFR on age of pilots), and in the international series to turn into serious category WorldSSP300 or one of the national SSP300 series where in the competition for positions on a starting lattice (!) about 50 people fight.

the Manager of the team of Yakhnich Q-team Junior Ivan Kupchenko after the end of the RSBK championship - delighted with result.

Ivan, is your first grown-up champion!

Ivan Kupchenko: "When rode here Moriwaki, appear, two years ago that it is such far prospect: children will grow up and will begin to go by big motika, and already the first title to a drain-600. Cool! Thanks to organizers that have allowed us after all. It was difficult it to achieve in the winter. Guys have proved that level allows goes



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